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Motto: Brilliant, Beautiful, Generous to all 

House colors – Aquamarine and Silver

House gem – Aquamarine



House of Stars witches are the center of attention wherever they go, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Easy with their smiles and with a penchant for aesthetics, this house is welcoming and friendly though their focus on all things beauty sometimes leaves little room for studying. Whoops. Inventive and witty, House of Stars witches have large imaginations and are great at creating everything from art to clothing, to a brand-new spell and they use humor and charm to glide easily through the most awkward of situations. Neutral good in alignment, they generally follow the rules but do not mind breaking a few if it’s in the name of what’s important to them. This coven’s members are selfless and love to help, which can sometimes lead to overextending themselves for the sake of others. They are generous with not just material goods, but information, even when that information is of a gossipy nature. Their willingness to talk too much can sometimes lead to trouble however but thankfully, their athletic nature allows them to escape quickly. Social butterflies, House of Stars have many friends and are often the romantic interests of other house members, making them sought after dance partners during ball season. Members of this house are popular, funny, and easy going but do not mess with their one hundred and seventy-eight step nighttime magic beauty routine, or their precious beauty sleep, if you know what’s good for you. 






Professions: Many models, dancers, fashion designers, makeup artists, actors and musicians have come from House of Stars but they are also well suited to party planning, interior design and PR. 


Fun fact: Their love of party decorations makes them strong allies with Goose House.

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Goose Transparent.png

Motto: Clever, Chaotic, Mostly good 
House colors – White & Blood Orange
House gem – Diamond

The most chaotic (and arguably fun) of the coven houses, Goose House is filled with street smart, scrappy witches who have their own moral compasses and aren’t afraid to cause trouble or go against the norm in the name of justice, getting what they want, or sometimes just for laughs. They fall somewhere between chaotic neutral and good in character alignment but occasionally, some chaotic evils do slip in. It’s unavoidable but not unique to Goose House, though other covens might say otherwise. Their unconventional way of thinking makes Goose House members great at formulating plans although if they aren’t careful to reign in their lawless nature, they may end up blowing up whatever building they’re trying to infiltrate. They are empathetic to different circumstances and intuitive. They excel at seeing the good (or hidden evil) in others and have a strong sense of vengeance. Their chaotic nature sometimes leads to them being forgetful, so while they value their friendships, they’re not great at remembering birthdays or where they’ve parked their brooms. It is a well-known fact throughout the Twelve Towns that Goose House throws the best parties. 

Good at strategy 


Professions: Goose House members often go into the arts, sales or become broom flight instructors.


Fun fact: Their coven house is on the water, and they play many water related sports and games. 

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Frog Transparent.png

Motto: Focused, Frugal, Truthful to the last

House colors – Green & Pink

House gem – Emerald


Routinely at the top of their classes, Frog House members have a strong sense of personal responsibility and duty and are generally considered the most book smart of all the covens. Fair and kind, Frog House members are great at giving advice and analyzing problems, making them great shoulders to lean on if you can gain their trust and get close to them, which can be quite the challenge. You will find an honest friend in this covens’ members but guard your heart because they will tell the truth even when it stings. They are incredibly useful in battle situations but not the best companions at social gatherings especially if they have an assignment due (they will not shut up about it the whole time.) Socializing in general can be seen as less important for Frog House members leading them to be awkward in big groups or with people they don’t know well. Making friends isn’t always easy for these sometimes shy witches, but when they do make a friend, they will have their back for life. They are lawful neutral in alignment, and great at picking up on subtle details, making them excellent clue solvers but will also sometimes lead to undue suspicion of others. Their frugal nature makes them great at saving and all things money related. They always have a stockpile of magical ingredients for hexes, just in case so maybe don’t mess with them. Frog House members will not hesitate to help you with a work-related task and are great motivators. 





Very strong willpower

Professions: While they can normally have their choice of jobs, Frog House members often go into finance, spell and hex inspector or education and are well suited to leadership positions. 


Fun Fact:  Their coven house is located beside Goose House, and they are in a century’s long rivalry for peace and quiet while Goose house wants to paaaartyyy!!! Many Frog House members love knitting.

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Motto: Mysterious, Morbid, Dependable friends  

House colors – Black and Grey

House gem – Obsidian

In touch with their emotions and with special insight into the other side, Moth House members are sensitive and obsessed with all things ghostly. These chaotic good witches will bake you a delicious cake in the shape of a casket to celebrate a special occasion, hold your hand and cry with you in a cemetery you if you’re feeling sad, or help you hex your bully. Once they’ve let you in their life, they will do anything for you, so long as that doesn’t include their greatest fear: because while they might not be afraid of death, public speaking is their one true nightmare. They are great listeners but do not open up often, choosing to keep their own problems to themselves. Their closed off nature can sometimes lead to them losing their temper. It takes a long time for them to reach their limit but if they’re wronged one too many times, they do not forgive easily. Moth House members love to express themselves by writing, and excel at writing stories, poems or even songs. These witches are curious about the afterlife and often have ghost companions as they’re able to earn their trust a lot easier than other witches can. With one foot in this world and one foot in the other, Moth House members get easily distracted and daydream often. Their taste in clothing and media aligns with their house traits and Moth House members love to listen to moody music, wear all black, and scare themselves with horror films. Moth House members are a tight knit group that tends to keep to themselves but with time, can be welcoming of other coven members, especially if they’re being ostracized. 






Professions: Moth House members most often go on to become authors, musicians, undertakers, university professors or ghost liaisons. Cemetery maintenance is also a favored career path. 

Fun fact: Great at baking, you can almost always smell something delicious being made if you walk past this Coven House.

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Hyacinth Transparent.png

Motto: Valiant, Virtuous, Powerful in all things

House colors – Purple and Black

House gem – Amethyst 

Brave and clever, House Hyacinth members are perhaps the most powerful of all the Twelve Town’s Covens. With a strong mastery in every aspect of magic, House Hyacinth are formidable in battle but while they often compete with Frog House for the top grades in their class, they never come anywhere near their froggy peers. Lawful good in alignment, these witches have a strong sense of honor and are terrible at breaking any rule no matter how small, even if it stands to benefit them. If they try to lie, they will be found out easily due to guilt, making them terrible at sneaking. The highest number of famous witches come from House Hyacinth, a point of pride for its members but something that puts an incredible amount of pressure on them as well which can lead to a lot of inner conflict and less than healthy measures taken to ensure a win. You’d never know it by looking at them though, as these coven members mask any issues they might be having with a good-natured façade. House Hyacinth witches are incredibly hard on themselves and will push themselves to extremes to do a good job. Sociable and friendly, this coven’s witches make friends easily but their standards for friendship are high and they won’t put up with being treated unfairly or unkindly and will quickly correct any witch mistreating a friend. Their valiant nature will sometimes lead to them making brash decisions or running headfirst into danger, with no regard for their own safety or the safety of others making them a dangerous combination with Goose House. They are very quick to scrap, but are just as quick to forgive. Perfectionists at heart, House Hyacinth members aim for excellence whether they’re cleaning their rooms or competing in a Toad Race (for which they hold the most trophies) but deep down, they just want to be well liked and use any means necessary to cover up their very normal insecurities and please those around them. 





Hard working 

Professions: House Hyacinth members often go into leadership positions, become professional athletes, or become members of the Grans Guard. 

Fun Fact: Although often considered opposites, Hyacinth members and Moth House members can forge strong friendships since they understand one another’s unwillingness to share problems, but only if they can get past their preconceived opinions of one another. 

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