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We are smack in the middle of NanoWrimo 2017 and I hope you’re all plowing through your words! I’m being a rebel this Nano and finishing a 50K project of which I already had 15K written. I’m only at 20K now but I hope to pick up the pace for the rest of the month and finish on time!

I know I’m not alone when I say snacks definitely keep me going through writing sprints so I’m starting a new series on my blog to discuss my fav snacks to eat while writing! First up is Bakerly USA who was nice enough to send over a GIANT BOX OF SNACKS for me to eat and review.

First, the bread. Omfg the bread.

The box literally smelled like a bakery. The bread was super fresh and delicious and I used it to make both garlic bread and sandwiches and was very upset when they finished. The bread was probably my favorite item I was sent. I used the baguettes for sandwiches and had the dinner rolls with lasagna and a few other pasta dishes I made throughout the week. Not gonna lie, also stuffed the rolls with cheese and munched away on them as I tried to hit my word count for the day.

The Strawberry crepes were good, but a tiny bit dry for my liking. If you dip them in something though (LIKE NUTELLA) they’re perfect. The chocolate and caramel filled crepes were delicious and since I’m trying to lose weight (LOL @ the bread) they were a great snack choice at only 130 calories for each crepe. They were also SUPER delicious with coffee in the morning so 10/10 would recommend.

I’m not a huge fan of getting food via the mail on a consistent basis but I would definitely order some of these Bakerly products in the future, especially if I have a deadline coming up. The good peeps at Bakerly also sent me a hat and pencils which I can’t eat, but which were super cute.So if you’re looking for delicious, healthy and freshly made snacks for your next writing session, check out bakerly.com!

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