Stories That Built Me: Kat Cho


Welcome to my new guest post segment, Stories That Built Me. Each of these posts will be done by a guest (authors, booksellers, bloggers, and more?) who will talk about how different stories shaped them. 
This final post is from Kat Cho, whose book Gumiho comes out next year, and I cannot wait for it! Kat is honestly the best.

When I sat down to write this, I thought I should talk about the children’s books that shaped me because I’m a kidlit author about to debut with a young adult fantasy. However, as I really explored young-Kat and the stories I devoured, I realized that the turning points in how I saw storytelling weren’t through children’s books. But since Rachel said I could talk about whatever I wanted as “stories” I’m going to run with that freedom, wheee [runs through field of flowers with no sense of purpose or…

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