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Golden Frog Games Update One

Hello readers! I am happy to report that I have turned in another revision of The Golden Frog Games (Witchlings, book 2) which brings us that much closer to knowing what happens to Seven, Thorn & Valley! It was a long and difficult process, but also one filled with joy and a lot of learning about my own writing process. Mainly, something that might seem obvious but took me some time to figure out is that I don't have to write or revise huge chunks of my book quickly, or beat myself up over persistently overworking if I am just consistent enough to get small bits of my book done each day. I am so proud of this book and I can't wait for you all to read it next spring.

I recently saw the full jacket art for book 2 as well which features Thorn's room, Cheese the raccoon, the stunning cover, and the golden frog himself! All art is by the talented Lissy Marlin who you should definitely check out.

I get a small break now, but am working on a secret project which I can tell you is about a very cute robot and a heartfelt story of family, the power of community and science! I can not wait to share more about it when I'm able.

P.S. The sweet raccoon up top showed up in my front yard just as I turned the book in to my editor! What great foreshadowing for the future of this raccoon heavy book!

Pre-Order The Golden Frog Games Here!

- Claribel

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