Updated: Feb 16, 2019


Today we have the incredible Claribel Ortega joining us! Not only is Claribel the author of the upcoming, untitled GHOSTBOOK from Scholastic, but she is the powerhouse behind GifGrrl where she creates gifs and trailers for authors’ books. Adding to her impressive repertoire is her new podcast, WRITE OR DIE. 

What is WRITE OR DIE about? Write or Die is a podcast about writers who had a hard time breaking into publishing. Sometimes it’s because of timing, their craft not being where it needs to be or because they come from a marginalized community which has historically been kept out of publishing. I’m trying to tell stories from a lot of different perspectives but I hope to highlight authors who identify as queer or disabled, writers, people of color and Native writers, especially because they have the hardest time breaking in.

You’ve got awesome projects like GifGrrl and your upcoming…

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